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Davis & Shirtliff offers training attachment to deserving students in institution of higher learning as part of its #ImprovingLives / CSR activities.

The company’s IT attachment program is designed for ongoing students on holiday breaks and as such run for three months at a time. Prospective applicants should clearly stipulate which of the periods listed below best suite them.

  • First Recruitment 2021 – January, February and March
  • Second Recruitment 2021 – March, April and May
  • Third Recruitment 2021 – May, June and July
  • Fourth Recruitment 2021 – July, August and September
  • Fifth Recruitment 2021 – September, October and November

Competition for training places is stiff and it is in the applicant’s interest to ensure that the requirements specified are abided by, to facilitate consideration and processing of applications.

  1. Training must be authorized and approved by the Institution with whom the applicant is taking the course.
  2. Only 3rd and 4th year or higher-level University/Colleges students should apply for the opportunities.
  3. Provide full details of academic achievements and enclose transcripts for years completed.
    Provide references if any.
  4. A letter of introduction from the Institution must be attached with all applications stating or certifying the following: –
    • That the named applicant is pursuing a prescribed course (state course) of study at the institution.
    • That the students will abide by all the rules of the Company.
    • That the student will be covered by a Public Liability Policy through the institute for the period of training. The policy should cover against Third Party claims (property damage and bodily injury or death) arising while the student is on attachment.
  5. Indicate the period of training with dates for which the student is applying. In case where the institute does not provide insurance cover, the student will be required to personally acquire a suitable policy covering the period of training.
  6. Attachment will be offered only once for a particular course but in very exceptional circumstances outstanding students will be given another chance in the duration of that course.
  7. Submit details of any previous training with the company or any other firms.
  8. Applicants will be informed of the outcome or progress by e-mail, the decision being final, and no further correspondence will be entered. Personal visits are not encouraged unless specifically invited for interviews. In special circumstances students may be selected for repeat attachment.
  9. Students must ensure that the correct address, day telephone number and e-mail for correspondence are indicated on the application.

Interested and qualified individuals should apply clearly stating the recruitment period that suits them e.g. First Recruitment 2021 at IT Attache – Davis & Shirtliff Group (

To apply for this job please visit

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